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Living Successful Single Life 2


The Single Man and The Single Woman

B. Humility in Service Gen 24: 41-43

Our lives are full of services. We serve others in many ways. But what makes our service unique and attractive is when we add Humility. The Scriptures make us understand that God lifts up the one who is humble. Two instances in the Bible that reveal a rewarding service in Humility.

In Gen 24:41-43, a classic example of humility in Service is demonstrated. The Servant of Isaac and Rebecca

Isaac’s Servant …. a classic example of single man life

1. Very obedient
2. Humbled
3. Conscious of the assignment
4. He was fulfilling
5. Always determined to achieve

As men we need to be conscious of this each day. That in every facet of our lives that we should grow is our humility not our ego. It must be clear that people are attracted by people who are humble not your ego or smartness in pursuing young ladies. Your life as single man shouldn’t be about selfishness. But the one always in serving others through humility.

Rebecca… A picture of Single Woman

Rebecca’s attitude is rare these days. One key thing about her is humility. She demonstrated that to someone who was a stranger. Most single ladies may neglect this action and may allow their experience in this life distort the plans God has for them.

Ladies, our experiences with young men should not be a rude one. Not every young man will demand sexual pleasures. Not every young man has ego. Not every young man “likes women”. There are genuine men who will be attracted to you when you demonstrate selfless response.

What do we need to identify a single lady?

Key issues

1. Humility
2. Hardworking
3. Caring
4. Home brand..,well mannered from a home.

When single men and women consider this act of service in humility in their lives, they attract uncommon favour from God. Both Isaac’s servant and Rebecca were rewarded greatly.

We have great chances of making right choices when we deal with others with generosity.



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