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One institution that has both social and religious impact is Marriage. It is one of the sacred union which is highly cheered by all and sundry. Although, the calls for same sex marriage has become relevant in some societies, the clear cut of what marriage stands still holds the societal fibre ; of man and woman, thus, originality. This, over the centuries has been clearly understood by all without a single struggle for acceptance nor predominance. We must understand the puntilious nature of marriage to accept the sacred things therein. Thus, making sexual pleasures distinct and wholesome.

Sex In Marriage

Many marriages thrive on sex. We cannot neglect this pleasurabl act of love which has become rosery and nightmare for some. To others, it stems from one lustful event to a more nescience act. Once one assume the status of a married person, the quest for satisfying sexual pleasures become intense, and very often, this grows from a natural intimacy, carefully developed, to a level of fondness, which is mutual and commonly communicated to the parties involved. Thus, making it unique.

When we grow out of love, sex becomes a pleasurable act. An act respected and not abused consciously or unconsciously. So, we cannot allow an environmental cravings for sexual pleasures to crop into the sacred act in marriage.

Couples must understand that their sexual life is wholesome. It needs to be respected, appreciated and also be thankful. This completes the divinity of love. Our bodies, together with its sensitive parts are gently held or touched and caressed to allow the discharge of all necessary fluids and sweat.

We count every sex act worth. Its pleasurable thoughts deem satisfying. Yet when couples fail to nurture their love life, the very satisfying nature of sex becomes axed. I have come to understand that as love matures, it grows better, warmer, deeper.” When love gets better, couples define their feelings in a warmer way and enjoy deeper intimacy with no shame and abuse. However, this fibre that enhances confidence could be distorted with unsatisfying results. We see this as infantile love where love is only defined in a selfish manner.

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