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Pornography In Marriage 2


Porn is fast increasing. Its nature has received wide range of acceptance. While others crave for it as an enhancer to their sexual life, many have also rejected its supremacy in marriage. A little swipe will do…

Porn sex in my opinion doesn’t reflect sexual intimacy borne out of better, warmer and deeper feelings. It may have all the pleasurable screams and positions, its projections make one wonder if satisfaction is truly mutual and attain. It has also lost the pure exchange of love and projected a sexual thought of pain, punishment and somehow abuse.

Most women are psychologically deceived through pornography. The timber-like nature of the penis, the muscles flex and the prolonged tick- tock of the clock matters. Once they (women) are exposed, their preference and actions are highly influenced, making the demand for sex rounds neck bottling. Married women are under the same threat if they are exposed to it. Husbands need to be superhuman, and to have timber-like penis before a wife is satisfied. Good sex doesn’t stem from this.

Another psychological influence on a man is how women are seen when it comes to sex. Manhood or “show manship” answers every sweetness in a sexual intercourse. Therefore, because she is a woman and was sexually created to be sexed any how, man have to go that way. The sanity of our sexual pleasures is broken by our unwholesme thoughts and myth. We don’t seem to have a perfect way and I don’t seem to accept women to be caged or blindfolded for a pleasurable sex. It may be right in the senses, but I don’t accept that man should be caned or chained for sex to be pleasurable and satisfying. The ideal sexual act is understood on the grounds of mutuality and respect, this couples must adopt, rather than a corral and hostility mood, this couples must avoid.

There is growing scientific data about the effects that high speed pornography has on the brain. Most simply put, the brain’s neurons “fire together and wire together.” Regular porn use over time rewires the arousal pathways in the brain. It triggers the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that gives us a feeling of exciting pleasure. The more often one watches porn and gets the dopamine hit, along with sexual arousal, the more that activity becomes wired into the brain( copied)

To the single man or woman preparing for marriage, sex is inevitable. You need the right mind for sex. Therefore, keep your sexual life devoid of environmental cravings which has no fibre of satisfaction.

To the married ones, in diverse ways are we permitted to enjoy our spouse. As we endeavour to beef up the game, let us understand that good sex is well interpreted by the two of you and not by a fancy commercial sexual doll or act with demeaning posture. I will end here in the word of
Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

Let us keep our beds undefiled. You may be single, but let your bed remain undefiled. Likewise the married, let your bed remain pure.

The marriage bed is honourable. We honour it with respect, warmth and an atmosphere of love.